Knowledge Base Article #188 - Windows 7 database directory issue due to symlinks
DateFeb 7, 2012
ByStade, Steven
Filed UnderRTS
ClassExternal Software
Issue Addressed
By default, we install the ENOSERV RTS/Vector database in C:\ProgramFiles\\ENOSERV\\Databases. This location was chosen as no other acceptable area exists where all Users are known to have Read/Write access to a common location (based on individual security privileges). The desire by ENOSERV is to leave the final destination of database(s) up to the IT administrator of each individual company. If an alternate database location was not established by a company, the current location of the databases has generally been acceptable, that is until the utilization of a Windows 7 operating system began to become prevalent.

Causes of Issue
When working with the Windows 7 operating system, any file located in the Program Files directory which is edited will automatically be copied to an obscure/hidden folder location under that Users name and all modifications will be applied to the re-directed file, not the original file selected. This will cause a great deal of confusion when attempting to copy the original file directly or an attempt to access the edited file by another User. A user may assume the specific file they selected holds the edited data, but that is not true, it is the re-directed file that contains this information. Also, Users of alternate IDs cannot access the same edited data, as the re-directed file is specific per User. This relationship is applied to our database files, as it does with all others.
Solution to this Issue
With enlightenment to this process performed by Windows 7, we must now stress how important it is that companies running Windows 7 establish a folder location with read/write capabilities that all Users can access in order to store ENOSERV RTS/Vector databases, as well as other editable files that may be stored in the Program Files directory. This will save a great deal of confusion and operation struggles in the future.

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