Knowledge Base Article #178 - Different ways of opening databases in the RTS 5.X Merge Utility
DateApr 14, 2010
ByBlake H
Filed UnderRTS BackupMerge
Issue Addressed
Customers have asked if they can change the default location that the Enoserv Merge Utility points to when the “Select Right DB” button is pressed.
Causes of Issue
In the RTS 5.X platform the adjoining Enoserv Merge Utility will point at the default database location, C:Program FilesENOSERVDatabases when the “Select Right DB” button is pressed.
Solution to this Issue
The left window of the Merge Utility will automatically open to the last database RTS was attached. If it is not able to locate this database then it will go to the default location “C:Program FilesENOSERVDatabases.” Changing this location will be addressed later in this article.
There are a couple of methods that can be utilized to connect to a database in the right screen of the Merge Utility. First is the “RH Quick Connect” this box appears upon the initial opening of the Merge Utility and shows paths to the last 5 databases opened. All that is required is that the user clicks on the desired path. In the event the user selects an undesired path from the list, they may click on the “Enable RH Quick Connect” and the selection window will reappear for the correct selection to be made.
If the user wants to change the default location that the Merge Utility points to when the “Select Right DB” button is clicked, they will need to make a change in the “ENOSERV Options Editor.” The “ENOSRV Options Editor” is located on the main splash screen under the Utilities dropdown. Once the Editor is open the user will need to select the “Configure Administrator Options” button. With the Enoserv Administrator Options Editor open select the “Alt Directories” tab. The “Modify Default Database Directory” checkbox can be selected and the browse button pushed. The user can then select the desired path they wish to use as default. At this point the changes can be saved, and RTS can be closed and restarted to allow the changes to be implemented.

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