Knowledge Base Article #189 - Action SOURCE other than PHASE has been selected with MTA_TST! Test will be Aborted!
DateFeb 23, 2012
ByRobertson, Gina
Filed UnderRoutine
Issue Addressed
When running the Sync Angle tests for the 300 series SEL relays, users would receive this message: "Action SOURCE other than PHASE has been selected with MTA_TST! Test will be Aborted!" This affected users of RTS or higher.
Causes of Issue
A code change created a conflict, causing the message to appear.
Solution to this Issue
We have opted to correct the individual routines.

Solution 1: Modify existing Library Routine

Open the SEL routine located in the Library side of the Routine Selection window
Scroll to the bottom on the list and located the following two test procedures. The following change should be made to both tests.
o 25ANG1 SYNC ANGLE (25A1)
o 25ANG2 SYNC ANGLE (25A2)
Select the User Options Tab
Select the Advanced Options button
Scroll to the bottom of the window
Add the following variable to the last line of the displayed text
This will fix the problem

Solution 2: Download the latest RTS FasData database and merge the following routines into their database

SEL-300G.FST Version 3.9
SEL-311B.FST Version 3.9
SEL-311C.FST Version 3.11
SEL-351.FST Version 3.9
SEL-531A.FST Version 3.9
SEL-351R.FST Version 3.9
SEL-351S.FST Version 3.10
SEL-352.FST Version 2.7

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